What is The Sound of Fiction?
The Sound of Fiction is an independent music label established by Mikko Tarmia. We are specialised in bringing film and video game music to its fans. Our latest releases are soundtrack albums for critically acclaimed survival horror games SOMA, Amnesia: The Dark Descent and Penumbra. Don't forget to check our first project, AIKA, an atmospheric orchestral soundtrack wrapped around a philosophically inspired science fiction story written by Tom Jubert.

How can I purchase music?
You can download our music albums from BandCamp and most of the major online music stores, but CD versions are only available by ordering them directly from us. For non-finnish customers, PayPal is the only option for payment at the moment. To order CDs, contact us by sending e-mail to . Remember to mention your delivery address, so we can count all the costs (for delivery and packaging) and confirm the final price for your order.

Our products at the moment:

TSOF-0001: AIKA novel soundtrack (9,90 € incl. VAT)
TSOF-0002: Penumbra Soundtrack - Special Edition (factory-printed CD-R, 9,90 € incl. VAT)
     SPECIAL OFFER: buy both AIKA and Penumbra OST for 17,90 euros (incl. VAT)
TSOF-0003: Amnesia: The Dark Descent OST - Available as download only.
TSOF-0004: SOMA OST - Available as download only.
TSOF-0005: Tempest - Available as download only from BandCamp.

Getting booklets
If you purchased our albums from mp3 download services such as iTunes or Amazon MP3, it's pretty much possible you didn't get any booklet with your album. Don't worry, send us a proof of your album purchase and we send you a corresponding booklet via e-mail.

I have made some cool music, is there a chance you could publish it?
This is something we don't do. We work on our own stuff, which are mainly collaboration projects. We are not looking for any help at the moment.

How can I contact you?
You can contact The Sound of Fiction by sending e-mail to the following address: .