December 22nd, 2016

An orchestral soundtrack album Tempest has just been released. It was composed by Mikko Tarmia for a cancelled adventure game back in 2004. The album is available from BandCamp.

Tracklist of the album:

1. Tempest Theme
2. Journey Begins
3. Morning by the Sea
4. The Great Fortress
5. Night falls
6. Ambushed
7. Village
8. Forest Battle
9. Abelia's Theme
10. Desert
11. Farewell
12. Through the Fog
13. Pirates
14. Funeral
15. Storm Scene
16. After Storm
17. Betrayal
18. Great Sea Battle
19. Alternative Tempest Theme

You can listen to the album at Youtube as well:

January 13th, 2016

SOMA soundtrack album is now available from Bandcamp as well.

November 5th, 2015

Soundtrack album for SOMA has been released. The album is currently available as download only from major online music stores such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and many more. The soundtrack album, composed by Mikko Tarmia, contains a selection of music tracks from Frictional Games' survival horror game SOMA, including several tracks that were left out from the game.

Here's the track list:

1. Menu Music
2. Soma Main Theme
3. Awaken
4. In Subway
5. Before Brain Scan
6. Ms Curie
7. Catherine's Theme
8. Inside Omicron
9. Going Down
10. Escape
11. Caves
12. Depth (Early Theme)
13. Say Hello to Mr. Akers
14. Abyss
15. Ark
16. Canyon
17. Space Gun
18. Alone (End Credits)
19. Ending
20. Deep in the Darkness (Demo)
21. Inside Upsilon (Demo)
22. Train Ride Commercial
23. Exploring Ocean (Demo)
24. Early Theme Sketch

August 21st, 2013

Amnesia OST is now available at most of the major online music stores (iTunes, Amazon mp3, Rhapsody,

May 18th, 2011

Soundtrack album for Amnesia: The Dark Descent has been finally released! The album is currently available as download only and it can be purchased from Frictional Games' Online Store. The soundtrack, composed by Mikko Tarmia, contains a selection of remastered tracks from the game, in addition to many previously unreleased pieces.

Here's the track list:

01. Menu theme
02. Darkness
03. Lux Tenebras
04. Grand hall
05. Ending: Alexander
06. Next to the Guardian
07. Theme for Unknown
08. Dark water
09. Daniel's room
10. Grunt's appearance
11. Back hall
12. Ending: Agrippa
13. Suitor attacks
14. Basement storage
15. Brennenburg theme
16. Hub
17. Ending: Alexander (alternative version)
18. Bridges
19. The End

April 20th, 2011

A Release day for Amnesia: The Dark Descent OST is getting closer and closer. While awaiting for it, we want to tease you with this trailer video.

June 15th, 2010

The price for AIKA album (CD version) has been now dropped to 9.90 euros! And if you buy it with our latest release Penumbra OST album, you will get it for even more tempting price, both CDs together for 21.90 euros! Get them now!

April 14th, 2010

Download version of the Penumbra OST album will be soon available in nearly twenty MP3 stores (some stores are selling it already). Unfortunately the album will not include the booklet (due to fact most stores can't include it in the album), but if you have bought the album and you have a receipt of it, you can ask the booklet from us (send email to!

The album will be available in following stores:
- iTunes (all the stores)
- MySpace Music
- Zune
- Amazon MP3
- Napster
- Lala
- Shockhound
- Amie Street
- LimeWire Store
- Nokia
- eMusic

Few reviews of the Penumbra OST album are also online:
- Square Enix Music Online
- GameTunes
- Pixel Perfect Gaming

January 8th, 2010

Dark Penumbra Soundtrack Released to Critical Acclaim

Mikkeli, Finland - January 8th 2010 - The Sound of Fiction record label today released a special edition of the Penumbra Soundtrack. The Penumbra series, developed by Frictional Games, has achieved cult status, and Mikko Tarmia’s essential soundscape has been consistently lauded as one of the series’ greatest achievements.

For the first time all in one place the album delivers over one hour and 27 tracks of remastered music from all three games, in addition to exclusive and previously unreleased material. Series narrative designer, Tom Jubert, returns to provide an exclusive text and further insight into Penumbra’s twisted tale. The series’ dark, signature theme tunes and ambient soundscapes make this an essential purchase for any VGM or horror aficionado, not to mention the serious Penumbra fan.

The CD edition is available for RRP €15.90 from the project's official website, where you can also find music clips and freebies: one full music track and the much requested piano note sheet for the Penumbra Overture theme. The download edition is available for RRP €9.90 from Frictional Games' online store. Purchase the Penumbra Soundtrack together with The Sound of Fiction’s first release, AIKA, for just RRP €24.90.

CD Edition @ Official Project Website
Download Edition @ Frictional Games’ Store

About The Sound of Fiction
The Sound of Fiction is an independent record label, established in 2008 by Mikko Tarmia. The label specialises in bringing film and video game music to its fans, and launched AIKA – its first release – to critical acclaim last year.

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